Command Summary


Table 4-4 provides a list and description of the commands discussed in this chapter

Table 4-4. Command Summary
Command Description
clear ip nat translations { * [ inside [ tcp { inside [ global-ip [ global-port ] local-ip [ local-port ]} udp { inside [ global-ip [ global-port ] local-ip [ local-port ]}] [ inside global-ip local-ip ][ outside local-ip global-ip ] Clears dynamic entries from the NAT table.
ip nat { inside outside } Designates the inside and outside interfaces; traffic originating from or destined for the interface is examined by the NAT.
ip nat inside destination list { access-list-number name } pool name Enables translation of inside destination addresses.
ip nat inside source { list { access-list-number name } pool name [ overload ] static local-ip global-ip } Enables translation of inside source addresses.
ip nat outside source { list { access-list-numbername } pool name static global-ip local-ip } Enables translation of outside source addresses.
ip nat pool name start-ip end-ip { netmask netmask prefix-length prefix-length } type { rotary match-host } Defines a pool of addresses to be used for address translation.
ip nat translation max-entries entries Sets a limit on the number of entries allowed in the NAT table.
ip nat translation { timeout udp-timeout dns-timeout tcp-timeout finrst-timeout icmp-timeout syn-timeout port-timeout { tcp udp }} seconds Changes the default period after which a dynamic entry is removed from the NAT table and the address is returned to the pool.
show ip nat statistics Displays NAT statistics.
show ip nat translations [ verbose ] Displays the NAT table.

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