Section 4.5. Chapter 4 Questions

4.5. Chapter 4 Questions

Question 4-1.

What is a statement?

Question 4-2.

What is a code element that acts on an expression?

Question 4-3.

What does an operator combine?

Question 4-4.

What is the plus (+) sign?

Question 4-5.

What is a binary operator?

Question 4-6.

What is a ternary operator?

Question 4-7.

Do mathematical operators take letters as operands?

Question 4-8.

What type of operand is an Array Index?

Question 4-9.

If you use two ampersands (&&) instead of one (&), will you get an error?

Question 4-10.

What does isset() do?

Question 4-11.

Write a switch statement that adds, subtracts, multiplies, or divides x using the action variable.

Question 4-12.

What does the break keyword do?

Question 4-13.

Write a for loop to count from 10 to 1.

See the Appendix for the answers to these questions.

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