Section 6.18. Testing Iteration 2

6.18. Testing Iteration 2

Now that we've moved all business logic from Controller Servlet to the InventoryFacadeBean, let's test our application to ensure that everything still works properly. Here are the steps to build and deploy the application:

  • Type ant in the root directory of ch06-b to build the project.

  • Shut down JBoss so the Ant script can clean up the JBoss deployment area.

  • Type ant colddeploy to deploy the EAR file (jaw.ear) to the $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy directory.

  • Start JBoss back up.

  • Visit http://localhost:8080/jaw in a web browser.

When you click on the "View Inventory" on the JAW Motors home page, the Controller Servlet takes you to the Inventory page where you can view, add, edit, or delete cars in JAW Motors' Inventory.

Now that we have all the infrastructure in place, let's move on to Iteration 3 where we finally add the ability to buy a car.

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