Section 10.22. Congratulations

10.22. Congratulations!

Congratulationsyou did it! You started off this book by deploying an EAR and serving up simple content with hardcoded data for demonstration purposes. Then you progressed to using a JDBC connection to get data from JBoss' built-in HyperSonic database. You wired up the database using Hibernate to make the database access easier, more platform-independent, and to more easily automate the application. You added Session Beans to the application to manage transactions. Then you used JMS to send a message to a Credit Card approval system and sent an email with JavaMail to indicate the success or failure of the credit check. You then added security to the application to prevent unauthorized access to certain portions of the application. You finished by exposing a portion of the application as a Web Service so JAW Motors could share its inventory with its online trading partners. We hope that you can take what you've learned in this book and apply it to your real-world JBoss projects.

JBoss at Work. A Practical Guide
JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide
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