Section 5.4. Getting Yahoo Directory Listings

5.4. Getting Yahoo! Directory Listings

The Yahoo! Directory, a somewhat lesser known part of Yahoo!, works in pretty much the same way as the ODP, except that it is privately maintained Sites added to the Yahoo! Directory tend to end up in the Yahoo! index, as well as other important search indices, often with high ranking in response to searches related to the Yahoo! Directory category for the site.

To suggest your site for inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory, open the Yahoo! Directory's home page,

You can also find the Yahoo Directory by opening the main Yahoo! home page, selecting Directory as your search category, and searching for a term. The search results you will be presented with are from the Yahoo! Directory (not the Yahoo! Web index), and the display will show where in the taxonomy you are, so you can browse through related categories.

Note: Just as the Google Directory is not the Google search engine, the Yahoo! Directory is not Yahoo! itself.

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