Chapter 10. Working with National Wi-Fi Networks


  • National networks of Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Comparison of charges

  • Roaming

In this chapter, I suppose that you have your laptop equipped with Intel Centrino mobile technology ready to roll and want to sign up with a Wi-Fi network. You might primarily be interested in using Wi-Fi hotspots locally, or you might want to use them for more distant traveling. In either case, the issues are much the same as when you choose a wireless cell phone provider. The benefit of having a national provider is that you can login from multiple locations and around the country without having to separately sign up (and pay) each time. You should be concerned about the following:

  • How widespread is the coverage?

  • What are the costs and fees?

  • Are there any discounts?

  • What are the roaming policies in place?

  • How good is customer service?

This chapter answers these questions. I'll start with a rundown of the major national networks. Depending on your needs and location, you might be interested in the more complete listing of Wi-Fi networks with some of the smaller players and some nonU.S. providers in Appendix B, "Where the Hotspots Are."

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