Chapter 6. Dates and Times


    Section 6.1.  Finding Today's Date

    Section 6.2.  Printing Date/Time in a Given Format

    Section 6.3.  Representing Dates in Other Epochs

    Section 6.4.  Converting YMDHMS to a Calendar or Epoch Seconds

    Section 6.5.  Parsing Strings into Dates

    Section 6.6.  Converting Epoch Seconds to DMYHMS

    Section 6.7.  Adding to or Subtracting from a Dateor Calendar

    Section 6.8.  Difference Between Two Dates

    Section 6.9.  Comparing Dates

    Section 6.10.  Day of Week/Month/Year or Week Number

    Section 6.11.  Creating a Calendar Page

    Section 6.12.  Measuring Elapsed Time

    Section 6.13.  Sleeping for a While

    Section 6.14.  Program: Reminder Service

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