Chapter 1


In which layers of the OSI model does content networking reside?


Content networking devices technically work at Layers 17, but true content networking services can be considered to reside in Layers 57 of the OSI model.


What are the four main purposes and goals of content networking?


The four main purposes and goals of content networking are to:

- Perform scalability and availability services for applications.

- Increase available network bandwidth and decrease application response times.

- Provide customization and prioritization of content within your network.

- Enable security, auditing, and management of a network.


Estimate how many servers are required to provide "four nines of availability" for an application known to fail 11.5 percent of the time?


Five servers are required for the application to achieve "four nines of availability":

1 (0.115)5 = 0.99998 = 99.99%


What is the difference between application scalability and availability?


Application availability requires replication to ensure data recovery, whereas scalability simply increases the capacity of a system.


How are bandwidth and response times reduced in a content network?


Bandwidth and response times are reduced by placing content in closer proximity to requesting clients.


What is the main difference between an ICDN and an ECDN?


An ICDN is owned and operated by a third-party provider and often requires content-based billing software to track and charge for customer bandwidth and content usage. An ECDN is often owned, operated, and used by the same organization, and therefore no usage billing is required.


Name four scenarios in which content can be switched.


Content can be switched in the following four ways: SLB, Global SLB, FWLB, and VPN load balancing.


Name four solutions that Cisco ACNS can provide.


Cisco ACNS can provide the following four solutions: point-of-sale videos and Web kiosks, software and file distribution, e-learning, and corporate communications.

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