STEP 15 using the SIZE REPORT

STEP 15 using the SIZE REPORT

If you find yourself in a position where you're not reaching your goalthe file is not streaming properly, it's too bigor maybe, God help you, you even start considering putting a "file loading" bar on the front of the fileyou need to identify the assets that are causing the most problem and work to reduce their size. The tool that I use in this situation to further optimize my movies is the Size Report. The Size Report is generated when the Flash movie is exported.

The Size Report is a text file that holds several key bits of information:

  • A frame-by-frame listing of the bytes used

  • The fonts, letters , and number of text bytes used

  • The Library symbols used and their size in bytes

  • Each sound and bitmap, including a listing of the size of each and their size after compression

To create the Size Report, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File > Export Movie.

  2. From the Export Flash Player dialog, select the Generate Size Report option, as shown in figure 03:33.

    Figure 03:33.


    Get in the habit of always selecting the Protect from Import option especially with commercial files. When this option is enabled, the file cannot be downloaded from the web and deconstructed.

    This protects both my work and my client's proprietary assets. Also note that I chose to export as Flash 3 as per my client's request. Had I used MP3 and chosen Flash 3 here, a warning box would have appeared informing me that MP3 was not supported in Flash 3.

  3. In any text editor, open the file myMovie Report.txt, where myMovie is the name of the file you exported. Notice there is a frame-by-frame record as well as a gauge of what each symbol, sound, and font family is costing you in file size (see figure 03:34).

    Figure 03:34.


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