STEP 04 importing the grid INTO FLASH

Importing your FreeHand files into Flash is a breeze . Macromedia makes both Flash and FreeHand and has worked overtime to make sure the two complement each other.

  1. In Flash, create a new Library symbol called grid by choosing Insert > New Symbol or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F8 / Cmd-F8.

  2. While in edit symbol mode, import the exported Flash.swf that you exported from FreeHand earlier by choosing File > Import or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-R / Cmd-R.

  3. Group the elements by selecting all of them, choosing Edit > Select All, and then choosing Modify > Group. Next, center the elements on the page using the Align command. Choose Modify > Align or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-K / Cmd-K. Make sure to check the Align to Page option in the Align dialog.

  4. Return to the Movie Editor, choose Edit > Movie, select the Grid layer, and drag from the Library an instance of the grid symbol.

  5. Center the grid symbol on the page using the Align command.

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