Email a Web Page

I'm sure there are times when you're surfing the Web, you see a great article or page, and you want to share that information as quickly as possible with a client, co-worker, or friend.

It's easily done. Best of all, you can perform this task without leaving Internet Explorer. Here's what to do:


From the File menu, choose Send | Page by email…


The entire page displays in your default email program (Outlook Express, presumably) as shown in Figure 12-3. Address the message as appropriate, add an introductory message if you like, and click the Send button when you're done.

Figure 12-3. Send the entire Web page as an email.

Like stationery, the Web page you were just looking at in your browser was built using the HTML language. Thus, if you want to email a Web page, you must configure your email editor to use HTML instead of plain text formatting.

Email Editor, Email Program. Same Thing, Right?

Not necessarily. The default email program is the application that receives incoming mail from a POP3, IMAP, or HTTP email server, and sends outgoing email to an SMTP server. In other words, it's the client application for email servers, much like Internet Explorer is the client application for Web and FTP servers.

The default email editor is the application that actually composes email messages. For example, Microsoft Outlook can use Microsoft Word as the email editor, as shown in Figure 12-4. Word, as you might suspect, has greater formatting capabilities than Outlook.

Figure 12-4. The email editor can be different than the email program.

With Outlook Express, though, there is not a choice to use an external email editor. That is, with OE, the email program and the email editor are the same thing.

Setting the default email program will differ from program to program. If OE is not the default, it will ask to be set to the default every time you open it until you clear the check box telling it to go away. You set OE as the default email program by using Tools | Options, and then looking for the setting on the General tab shown in Figure 12-5.

Figure 12-5. Make OE the default email program.

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