Connect to a Secure Network

As you've seen, you can command XP to connect to unsecured networks with ease. But sometimes a detected network will be secure, which means it has been protected with a security key, which is basically a password for the network. In this case, you'll have to provide this authentication credential (if indeed you know it) to access the wireless network. For example, you might see this when connecting to a network at a hotel. (They want to limit Internet access to paying guests.)

To enter a security key needed for network connection, follow these steps:


Right-click the System Tray icon, choose View Available Wireless Networks, and then click the Change Advanced Settings link.


From the Wireless Network Connection dialog box, choose the network you're configuring and choose Properties.


Click the Association tab. As shown in Figure 10-9, you will make sure the connection's Network Authentication is set to Shared (it should be) and that the check box called "The Key is provided for me automatically" is cleared (if you need to provide a key, it should be cleared as well).

Figure 10-9. Entering a network key for authentication.


Enter and retype the Network key provided in the appropriate spaces. Again, this key will be given by the person granting you access.

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