Chapter7.Clicking Less

Chapter 7. Clicking Less

If there's a subtitle that can be assigned to Chapter 7, it's this: "Using Windows More Efficiently." Because at the end of the day, that's what this chapter is all about. The techniques discussed here will help you focus more on the work at hand and less on actually getting to that work.

In short, the techniques described here will have youthat's rightclicking less. This is not to denigrate the mouse in any way. The mouse is a wonderful invention, easily beating the pants off the keyboard for most types of computer interaction. When it comes to launching an application or sending a file to the printer, it's hard to beat the mouse. But why use two or three mouse clicks when one will do?

We'll start with a look at ways to better navigate through all the folders and files on your hard drive. As you may know, the tool for most of this folder navigation is called Windows Explorer, and there will be many chunks dedicated to helping you use it in ways you may not have seen before.

Later on the chapter, we'll look at keyboard shortcuts that might save your hand the trip out to the mouse in the first place. We'll also examine some advanced Recycle Bin options so that file deletion can be done without someor allof the several steps needed to remove a file from your hard drive.

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