Section 27. Setting Text Defaults

#27. Setting Text Defaults

Whenever you start typing in a new text frame or on a new type path, InDesign applies the formatting specified in the default paragraph style, which is called Basic Paragraph. You can override the settings in the Basic Paragraph style by making changes in the Paragraph and Character panels in the Control palette before you start typing. You can modify this default formatting for the active document or for all new documents.

Editing the Basic Paragraph Style

To modify the Basic Paragraph style:


Choose Type > Paragraph Styles.


In the Paragraph Styles palette, double-click Basic Paragraph.


Change any options in the panels in the Paragraph Style Options dialog box (Figure 27a).

Figure 27a. The Basic Character Formats panel in the Paragraph Style Options dialog box lets you specify the font, size, leading, and other character formats for the default Basic Paragraph style.

Overriding the Basic Paragraph Style

Before you start typing, you can override the settings in the Basic Paragraph Style. With the Type tool selected, you can make changes in the Character panel and the Paragraph panel in the Control palette. In addition, you can make changes in the Character palette (Figure 27b) and the Paragraph palette, both of which are available in the Type menu.

Figure 27b. Override the Basic Paragraph Style character formats by making changes in either the Character panel in the Control palette or the Character palette (Type menu).

Setting Defaults for All New Documents

When no documents are open, changes you make to text defaults apply to all new documents. When a document is active, changes affect only that document. This applies to editing the Basic Paragraph style and making changes in the Control, Paragraph, and Character palettes.

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