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latency [See also real time.]
     kernel preemption models
     preemption latency, source of
     real time and
latency tracing, enabling
ldd command
     shared library events
lib directory
libraries, debugging shared libraries
licensing device drivers
line numbers, mismatched during debugging
linker command scripts
linker script file
linking bootloader images
Linux [See also embedded Linux.]
     GPL (General Public License) and
     initial announcement of
         Linux Standard Base (LSB)
         Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Kernel Development (Love)
Linux kernel [See kernel.]
Linux Loader (Lilo)
Linux scheduling, real time and
Linux Standard Base (LSB)
Linux-supported architectures
linuxrc file, initrd and
listing files
     …/arch/arm/Kconfig snippet
     adding file system ops to hello.c
     arch/arm/mach-ixp4xx/Kconfig file snippet
     assembly file piggy.s
     autoconf.h entries for default kernel command line
     backtrace command
     basic MTD configuration from .config
     booting kernel with ramdisk support
     booting with JFFS2 as root file system
     booting with KGDB enabling using U-Boot
     booting with NFS Root Mount
     BusyBox build options
     BusyBox default startup
     BusyBox gzip applet usage
     BusyBox library dependencies
     BusyBox Symlink StructureTop Level
     BusyBox Symlink StructureTree Detail
     BusyBox usage
     calling early machine initialization
     check for preemption a la Linux 2.4 + preempt patch
     clean file system check
     common kernel breakpoints
     configuration for default kernel command line
     configuration option for PowerDNA
     connecting to KGDB
     console setup code snippet
     continue remote protocol example
     converting ext2 file system to ext3 file system
     converting RootFS to JFFS2
     copying JFFS2 to RootFS partition
     core dump analysis using GDB
     corrupted file system check
     Coyote-specific board setup
     creating real-time processes
     creation of kernel init thread
     customized .config file snippet
     debugging architecture-setup code
     debugging module init code
     default cross-search directories
     default native cpp search directories
     detecting Redboot partitions on Linux boot
     DHCP target specification
     directory layout for JFFS2 file system
     disassemble function yosemite_setup_arch
     disassembly using objdump
     displaying partition information using fdisk
     displaying symbols using nm
     dmalloc log output
     dump of raw printk log buffer
     early serial text debug
     ELF file debug info for example program
     erase and program Flash
     /etc/exports contents
     examining cramfs file system
     example DHCP server configuration
     example driver usage
     example driver with parameter
     example ltrace output
     exercising our device driver
     ext2 file system image creation
     ext3 journal file
     external bus controller initialization
     family of __setup macro definitions from init.h
     final boot steps from main.c
     final kernel boot steps from main.c
     final kernel build sequence: ARM/IXP425
     Flash device listing
     formatting partitions using mke2fs
     functions from 5200 platform file
     gdb find_next_task macro
     gdb find_task macro
     GDB in follow-fork-mode = child
     GDB in follow-fork-mode = parent
     gdb list modules macro
     gdb macro: print process information
     GDB operations on threads
     gdb ps macro output
     gdb task_struct_show macro
     generic PowerPC machine functions
     grub.conf example configuration file
     Hello output
     Hello World, embedded style
     Hello, World Again
     host GDB connecting to target threads demo
     init process /proc entries
     init process memory segments from /proc
     initcall family of macros
     initial bootloader serial output
     initial target memory segment mapping
     initialization routine example
     initialization via initcalls
     initiate module debug session: loop.ko
     Initiating a GDB Debug Session
     initrd example contents
     inittab simple example
     Installing BusyBox on Root File System
     interrupt off latency history (head)
     interrupt off maximum latency trace
     invocation of cross-gdb
     Kconfig for ARM architecture partial listing
     Kconfig patch for examples
     kernel build output
     kernel command-line MTD partition format
     kernel command-line processing
     kernel include file: …include/linux/version.h
     kernel initramfs build directory
     kernel MTD Flash partitions
     kernel MTD partition list
     Kernel Oops
     kernel subdirectory
     ldd executed on development host
     ldd executed on target board
     lilo.conf example configuration
     link stage: vmlinux
     linker command scriptreset vector placement
     linux 2.6 .config snippet
     linux autoconf.h
     Linux boot messages on IPX425
     Linux final boot messages
     Linux kernel /arch directory listing
     Linux ramfs source module comments
     linuxrc file example
     Lite5200 platform_init function
     loading and unloading a module
     loading kernel via TFTP Server
     loading the Linux kernel
     locking critical sections
     lsmod example output format
     makefile from …/arch/arm/mach-ixp4xx kernel subdirectory
     makefile patch for examples
     makefile targets
     memory segments from /proc/<pid>/maps on target
     minimal BusyBox root file system
     minimal device driver
     minimal root file system contents
     mkcramfs command example
     mkfs.jffs2 command example
     modinfo output
     modprobe.conf file
     module build output
     module.c: module initialization
     mount dependency on /proc
     mounting JFFS2 on MTD RAM device
     mounting MTD Flash partition as ext2 file system
     moving around stack frames in GDB
     mtrace Error Report
     new Redboot partition list
     NFS restart
     optimized architecture-setup code
     partial debug info dump
     partial U-Boot board-configuration header file
     patching your kernel for MTD
     portions of source file yosemite.c
     PowerDNA new or modified kernel files
     ppc4xx sdram_init( ) from U-Boot
     PQ2FADs Flash mapping driver
     process listing
     profiling using ltrace
     profiling using strace
     promoting ksoftirq to real-time status
     protecting critical section in kernel code
     readelf section headers
     Redboot Flash partition list
     Redboot messages on power-up
     Redboot partition creation
     remote protocol: breakpoint hit
     runlevel 2 startup script example
     runlevel directory example
     runlevel directory structure
     simple C function
     simple gdb initialization file
     simple linear linked list
     simple NFS exports file
     simple rcS BusyBox startup script
     source definition of .resetvec
     spawning a child process with fork( )
     starting gdbserver on target board
     startup messages example
     stopping GDB on shared library events
     strace output: GoAhead web demo
     strip target application
     systool output
     tapping crash on panic using KGDB
     target file system example summary
     target threads demo startup
     TFTP Configuration
     top-level /sys directory contents
     typical DHCP Exchange
     U-Boot 4xx startup code
     U-Boot debugging using JTAG probe
     U-Boot EP405 port new or changed files
     U-Boot iminfo command
     variable reference fixup
     web server rc.sysinit
list_head (struct)
LKM (loadable kernel module) [See device drivers.]
loadable modules [See also device drivers.]
     lsmod macro
loading device drivers
locking mode, runtime control of
locking out processes
log files, dumping log buffer
logging, kernel debugging with
locking, BKL (Big Kernel Lock) [See also real time.]
loop.ko, debugging
Love, Robert
ls utility
LSB (Linux Standard Base)
lsmod macro 2nd
ltrace 2nd

Embedded Linux Primer(c) A Practical Real-World Approach
Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach
ISBN: 0131679848
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 167

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