Section 143. About Posting Pictures with the eBay Picture Service

143. About Posting Pictures with the eBay Picture Service


142 Make the Picture Web Friendly


134 Add Pictures to Your Auction

144 About Using External Hosting for Your eBay Auction Pictures

After you've created your photos, you need somewhere to post them. The image files must be on the Web somewhere so you can link to them from your auction page.

The simplest method is to use the eBay Picture Service. The service is built into eBay, accessible directly when you create an auction and is inexpensivefree for the first photo of an auction with marginal fees for every additional photo.

The price you pay is based on the number of pictures you use and the layout you choose in your auction listing. The first picture for each auction listing is free. Each additional picture costs $0.15.


You can include a maximum of six pictures per auction listing when using the eBay Picture Service.

In addition to the cost per picture, you can also choose special layouts that cost extra (the basic layout has no cost):

  • A slideshow that rotates your pictures one after another costs $0.75.

  • You can supersize your pictures for an extra $0.75. Supersized pictures display as normal- sized photos, but when someone clicks the Supersize link, the photos are displayed in large size , up to 880x600 pixels.

  • You can add up to six pictures, supersize your pictures, and get Gallery exposure for $1.00 if you select the Picture Pack option when creating your auction. (The Gallery option gives your auction extra exposure, along with a picture, on eBay pages.)


If you want to supersize an image, the original image file must be at least 440x330 pixels. eBay can't supersize images that aren't at least that size.

Another bonus of using the eBay Picture Service is that you don't have to know HTML or use any special coding to include your pictures in your auction listing. You post the pictures straight from the create-auction page. For details, see 134 Add Pictures to Your Auction .

Your pictures are hosted for as long as your auction lasts. When the auction ends, the pictures are no longer available. Also note that if you upload a picture larger than 400x300 pixels, eBay automatically resizes the picture to 400x300 pixels. The exception is for supersized pictures, which can be displayed up to 880x600 pixels when they're clicked.

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