Creating E-Mail Publications

Creating E-Mail Publications

One of the enhancements to Publisher 2003 is the availability of a number of new publication types. One of the new categories of publications is the e-mail publication. You have probably noticed that you get newsletters, flyers, and a variety of other publication types as e-mail. Publisher now makes it easy for you to create these special electronic publications. Let's look at how you create an e-mail publication. The basics of creating other publication types are covered in Part VIII of this book.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Publisher window (select Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office , then Publisher to open Publisher), select Web Sites and E-Mail in the New Publication task pane.

  2. Select E-Mail . The e-mail publication templates will appear in the Publisher window (see Figure 6.1).

    Figure 6.1. A number of e-mail publications are available in Publisher.


  3. Select the e-mail publication template you want to use to create your new publication.

The new publication will appear in the PowerPoint workspace. You can now edit the template (replacing placeholder text with your own text) and add images to the publication. Completing a Publisher publication is discussed in Lesson 5, "Working with Existing Publications," which is found in Part VIII of this book.

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