Moving from Slide to Slide

PowerPoint provides several ways to move from slide to slide in the presentation. The particular view you are in somewhat controls the procedure for moving to a specific slide.

In the Normal view, you can move from slide to slide using these techniques:

  • Click the Outline tab on the far left of the window. To go to a particular slide in the outline, click the slide icon next to the slide number (see Figure 3.2). The slide opens in the Slide pane.

    Figure 3.2. The Outline view can be used to quickly move to a particular slide.


  • Press the Page Up or Page Down keys to move to the previous or next slide, respectively.

  • Click the Previous Slide or Next Slide button just below the vertical scrollbar (refer to Figure 3.2), or drag the scroll box inside the vertical scrollbar until the desired slide number is displayed.

  • Click the Slides tab on the far left of the PowerPoint window. This enables you to move from slide to slide in the Normal view by selecting a particular slide's thumbnail. When you click the thumbnail, the slide appears in the Slide pane.

You can also move from slide to slide in other views, such as the Slide Sorter view or the Slide Show view. In the Slide Sorter view (refer to Figure 3.1), just click a slide's thumbnail to move to that slide. You then can use any of the tools that PowerPoint provides to format the selected slide (or delete it). If you want to actually open a slide when you are working in the Slide Sorter view, so that you can edit the text it contains, double-click the slide. You are returned to the Normal view.

When you are actually showing a presentation in the Slide Show view, you can use the Page Up or Page Down keys to move from slide to slide (unless you have set up timers to change slides). You can also click a slide with the mouse to move to the next slide. You learn more about the Slide Show view in Lesson 12, "Presenting an Onscreen Slideshow."

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