Finding a Presentation File

If you're having trouble locating your file, PowerPoint can help you look. Follow these steps to find a file:

  1. Select File, Open (if the Open dialog box is not already open).

  2. Click the Tools drop-down button in the Open dialog box and select Search . The File Search dialog box appears (see Figure 2.9).

    Figure 2.9. Use the File Search dialog box to find a presentation on your computer.


  3. In the Search Text box, type text that is contained in the presentation's filename. Use the Search In box to specify where you want the search to be conducted . In the Results Should Be box, specify the file types you want to be included in the search.

  4. When you are ready to conduct the search, click the Search button.

  5. Files that meet the search criteria are listed in the Results box (if you see your file in the Results box and the search is continuing, click the Stop button).

  6. To open a file in the Results box, double-click the filename.

  7. You are returned to the Open dialog box with the file listed in the File Name box. Click OK to open the file. A PowerPoint presentation then opens in the PowerPoint window.

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