Using the Word Drawing Toolbar

You can also create your own graphics in your documents using the drawing tools provided on the Word Drawing toolbar. This toolbar provides several tools, including line, arrow, rectangle, oval, and text box tools. You can also use the appropriate tools to change the fill color on a box or circle, change the line color on your drawing object, or change the arrow style on arrows you have placed on the page.

To display the Drawing toolbar, select View , point at Toolbar , and then select Drawing from the toolbar list.


Quickly Access Toolbars You can also right-click any toolbar in the Word window to access the toolbar list; then select Drawing .

The Drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the document window just above the Word status bar. Figure 18.6 shows the Drawing toolbar and the tools available on it.

graphics/wordart.gif Word provides you with an add-on program called WordArt that enables you to create special text effects in your document. You can create text that wraps around a circle, as well as a number of other special text "looks." In Word, click the WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar to start the WordArt program. WordArt can also be used in other Office programs, such as PowerPoint, to create visually exciting text items.

graphics/organizationchart.gif Another useful Drawing tool is the Insert Diagram or Organization Chart button. Click this button to add predesigned organizational charts and other special diagrams to a document.

Creating a New Object

graphics/rectangle.gif graphics/oval.gif To draw a particular object, click the appropriate button on the toolbar. Then, drag the mouse to create the object in your document. To draw a square or circle, click the Rectangle tool or the Oval tool and hold down the Shift key as you draw the object with the mouse. If you find that you aren't very good at actually drawing graphical objects, click the AutoShapes drop-down arrow (near the left side of the drawing toolbar) and select a particular object shape from the list provided.

Modifying Drawn Objects

You can also control the various attributes for a particular object that you've drawn. You must first select the object using the selection pointer (click the Select Objects tool, and then click the object). You can manipulate the object's line style, fill color, and line color. Just choose the appropriate tool on the toolbar, and make your selection from the list of possibilities.

You can also size and move objects that you draw. Select an object, and use the sizing handles to increase or decrease the size of the particular object. If you want to move the object to a new position, place the mouse pointer in the middle of the selected object and drag it to a new position.

If you draw several related objects, you can select all the objects at once and drag them together to a new location. Select the first object and then hold down the Shift key and select subsequent objects, as needed. When you drag any of the objects to a new location, all the selected objects move together.

At times you will want to delete a particular object from your document. Simply select the object and then press Delete to remove it.

You will find that the Drawing toolbar provides you with all the tools (except natural artistic ability) you need to create fairly sophisticated custom images. A little practice with the various tools goes a long way in helping you create objects that add interest to your documents.

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