Faxing over the Internet

Another addition to Office 2003 is the ability to send faxes from your Office applications over the Internet. This feature requires that you sign up for an Internet fax service. These services provide you with the ability to send and receive faxes over the Internet. This means that you do not require a fax modem on your computer to work with faxes.

Sending the current document from any Office application as an Internet fax is quite easy: You click the File menu, point at Send To , and then select Recipient Using Internet Fax Service . The first time you use this command, you will have the option of being taken to a Web page that allows you to sign up for a fax service. Pricing for this service varies by provider as do the steps required to prepare a fax cover page and send your Office document. Faxing is discussed in more detail in Lesson 8, "Faxing and E-Mailing in Office 2003."

Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
Year: 2002
Pages: 660
Authors: Joe Habraken

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