Chapter 2. Basic Windows XP Interface Modifications

In this chapter

  • Placing icons on the desktop

  • Modifying desktop and folder icons

  • Modifying the Windows XP interface components

  • Understanding screen resolutions

  • Changing Windows fonts

  • Customizing the Start menu

  • Modifying the taskbar

Although our ultimate goal is to "skin" the Windows GUI, a good place to start our discussion is to take a look at the basic elements of the GUI, such as the desktop icons, the Start menu, and the taskbar. We also need to look at how screen resolution affects the overall look of the interface and discuss Windows visual effects.

It's important to have a good feel for how the Windows GUI operates and can be modified before you jump into creating your own themes and skins for Windows. We start this chapter with a basic discussion of desktop icons, including how they can be added to the desktop and how you can edit individual icons. We will then look at other aspects of the Windows interface, such as screen resolution, color, fonts, the Start menu, and the taskbar.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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