Chapter 13. Changing XP Logon Screens and Boot Screens

In this chapter

  • What are logon and boot skins?

  • Skinning the Windows logon screen

  • Creating your own logon screens

  • Skinning the Windows boot screen

  • Creating your own boot skins

Our discussion of skin creation thus far has concentrated on Windows XP themes and visual styles. Two additional elements that are part of a complete Windows XP theme are the logon and Windows boot screens.

This chapter explains how you can change the default boot and logon screens using skinning software such as StarSkin and Style XP. We also discuss how each skinning engine provides control over these skin elements.

Let's begin our discussion with a look at logon and boot screens, which will provide some insight into what these elements are. We can then discuss how to download and apply logon and boot screens. We will conclude our discussion with a look at how you can create your own boot and logon screens.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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