Chapter 12. Adding Screensavers to Your Skins

In this chapter

  • What are screensavers?

  • Creating your own screensavers

  • Making a slideshow screensaver

  • Downloading and installing additional screensavers

Screensavers are an often unseen element of themes and skinsunseen in the sense that you don't often see them because they aren't activated until you have been away from your computer for a specified amount of time. However, to create a "complete" skin, you need to include a screensaver that fits your skin's overall concept. This chapter covers what a screensaver is and how you can download and then select screensavers from the Web. We also discuss how you can enable your own slideshow screensaver.

Let's begin our discussion with sorting out what a screensaver actually is. Then we can take a look at acquiring and applying screensavers.

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    Skinning Windows XP
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