123. Insert, Name, and Delete Sheets

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You can add or delete sheets from a Calc spreadsheet as needed. You can also name each sheet, making it easier to locate a particular sheet in the spreadsheet.

Open Insert Sheet Dialog

Click on a Sheet tab to select that sheet. The new sheet can be placed to the left or right of the currently selected sheet. Select Insert, Sheet from the menu. The Insert Sheet dialog box opens.

Insert Sheet

Select a Position option for the new sheet (Before Current Sheet or After Current Sheet). Use the No. of Sheets spinner box to specify the number of sheets that you want to insert. You can type a name for the newly inserted sheet (or sheets) in the Name box. After you have completed the information for the new sheet, click OK. The sheet is inserted into the spreadsheet.


You can also insert a spreadsheet file into your current spreadsheet using the Insert Sheet dialog box. Select the From File option button. Then use the Browse button to locate the Calc file that you want to insert into the current spreadsheet.

Delete Sheet

With the sheet that you want to delete open in the Calc window, select Edit, Sheet, Delete. You are asked whether you want to permanently delete the sheet; select Yes. The sheet is removed.


You can also select multiple sheets (if you want to delete more than one sheet). Select Edit, Sheet, Select. The Select Sheets dialog box opens. Select the sheets in the dialog box and then click OK. You can now delete all the selected sheets, Using the Edit, Sheet, Delete commands.

Open Rename Sheet Dialog

You can rename your sheets to give them more descriptive names. Right-click on any sheet's name tab (at the bottom of the sheet) and select Rename Sheet from the shortcut menu.

Rename Sheet

In the Rename Sheet dialog box type a new name for the sheet and then click OK.


You can rearrange your sheets as needed. Grab a sheet by its name tab and drag it to a new location in relation to the other sheets in the spreadsheet.

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