120. Select and Format Spreadsheet Cells

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It makes sense to build your sheets by entering text, numerical values, and your formulas and functions before formatting the data on the sheet. You can then select ranges of cells and format them with different font attributes and numerical formats, and add borders or backgrounds to highlight certain cells or ranges of cells on the sheet.

You can use the various formatting options on the Object bar (Bold, Italics, Currency, Percentage, and so on). More options are available in the Format Cells dialog box. You can also format the entire spreadsheet using the AutoFormat feature.

Select Cell Range

Select the cell range that you want to format.

Open Format Cells Dialog

Select Format, Cells from the menu. The Format Cells dialog box opens.

Select Format Options

Use the tabs on the Format Cells dialog box to select formatting options for the selected cell range. The Numbers tab allows you to select a number format for a cell range containing numerical values. The Font tab provides access to font attributes. The Alignment tab allows you to change the alignment of the data in the selected cells. The Borders tab allows you to select a border for the selected cells or create a custom border. Use the Background tab to select a background color for the selected cells. After you have selected your options, click OK.

Open AutoFormat

You can also select a range of cells that includes the entire spreadsheet. You can then apply an AutoFormat to the cell range.

Select the range of cells and then select Format, AutoFormat. The AutoFormat dialog box opens.

Select Format

Select a format in the Format list and then click OK to close the AutoFormat dialog box and return to the sheet. The selected cell range will be formatted with your AutoFormat selection.


If you select the More button in the AutoFormat dialog box, you can specify which items are formatted by AutoFormat. You can toggle options on or off such as Number format, Borders, and Alignment.

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