Using Special Form Controls


10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Access 2002
By Joe Habraken
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Lesson 14.  Adding Special Controls to Forms

Using Special Form Controls

So far, you've taken a look at adding controls to a form that directly relate to fields on a table or tables. This means that unless the control is linked to a field in a table that uses the AutoNumber data type, you are going to have to type absolutely all the data that you enter into the form (exactly as you would in the table).

Fortunately, Access offers some special form controls that can be used to help you enter data. For example, a list box can contain a list of entries for a control. All you have to do is select the appropriate entry from the list. Other special controls also exist that can make it easier to get your data into the form. These controls are

  • List Box?/b> Presents a list from which you choose an item.

  • Combo Group ?/b> Like a list box, but you can type in other entries in addition to those on the list.

  • Option Group?/b> Provides you with different types of input buttons (you can select only one type of button when you create an Option group). You can use option buttons, toggle buttons , or check boxes.

  • Command Button?/b> Performs some function when you click it, such as starting another program, printing a report, saving the record, or anything else you specify.

Figure 14.1 shows some special controls in the Form view. In this lesson, you create each of these control types.

Figure 14.1. Special controls can make data entry easier.

All these special controls can be created using the buttons on the Toolbox. Wizards are also available that walk you through the steps of creating each of these special control types. To use the wizard for a particular special control, make sure that the Control Wizards button is activated on the Toolbox. Figure 14.2 shows the Toolbox and the buttons that you are working with in this lesson.

Figure 14.2. To use wizards, make sure that the Control Wizards button is selected.


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