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hp nonstop server security  
HP NonStop Server Security
byXYPRO Technology Corporation ISBN:1555583148
Digital Press 2004

This handbook provides readable advice on the key decisions in safeguarding the numerous components of the HP NonStop environment.

Table of Contents
HP NonStop Server Security”A Practical Handbook
Chapter 1 - Security Basics
Chapter 2 - The HP NonStop Server Architecture and Environment
Chapter 3 - Authentication; User Administration
Chapter 4 - Authentication, Granting Access to the HP NonStop Server
Chapter 5 - Authorization”Object Security
Chapter 6 - Gazette A to Z
Chapter 7 - Securing Applications
Appendix A - Gathering The Audit Information
Appendix B - HP NonStop File Codes
Appendix C - Third Party HP NonStop Server Security Vendors
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Code Examples

HP NonStop Server Security 2004
HP NonStop Server Security 2004
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Year: 2004
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