This powerful, original book shows senior managers how to effectively manage conflict. Based on Howard Guttman s impressive consulting career and a ten-year survey of more than 300 executive teams ”and packed with dozens of real-life examples from behind the doors of Johnson & Johnson, Coach, Campbell Soup, Motorola, Pfizer, and more-- When Goliaths Clash combines insights into organizational dynamics with a wealth of practical advice, including how to:

  • Get your team strategically aligned on business goals, clarify individual roles, and establish protocols for resolving conflict.
  • Build high-performance teams ”from the senior management team on down the line ”where conflict is depersonalized and treated as a business issue.
  • Understand the roots of conflict in individual perceptual differences and organizational condition.
  • Develop your conflict management competencies and ability to lead hard-charging business teams.
  • Communicate effectively in the newest, ripest sphere for dysfunctional conflict ”e-mail ”and minimize the damage caused by recklessly hitting the send button.

About the Author

Howard M. Guttman is the principal of Guttman Development Strategies, Inc., a Ledgewood, New Jersey-based management consulting firm that since 1989 has worked with clients internationally to build high performance teams, align strategy and operations, and manage conflict. He has held executive positions at Johnson & Johnson and Automatic Data Processing (ADP), and has been an adjunct professor at both the Graduate School of Management at Rutgers University and the Graduate School of Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University.

When Goliaths Clash. Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
When Goliaths Clash: Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
ISBN: 0615198686
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 99

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