Section 12.10. Including C Code

12.10. Including C Code

A PEAR package may include C or C++ code as well as PHP code. The PEAR Installer will run the extension build process if there are one or more files with the role=src.

12.10.1. Element: <configureoptions>

Element name:




May occur in:

release (optional)

This is a wrapper element for one or more <configureoption> elements.

12.10.2. Element: <configureoption>

Element name:



name (required)

default (optional)

prompt (required)

May occur in:

configureoptions (required)

This element is for collecting build parameters on UNIX when building extension binaries. Typically, each extension has one or more configure options that may be specified here. name Attribute

The configureoption name attribute corresponds to the name of the configure option, without any dashes in front. For example, if the name attribute is with-foobar, it is passed on to configure as --with-fobar. default Attribute

This attribute is used only as a brief description of the default behavior, when the --name option is used without a parameter (with a parameter, it would be --name=param). prompt Attribute

This attribute contains a prompt that is displayed during install.

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