Data Mining
Computerized system that utilizes complex artificial intelligence (AI) “inspired algorithms to sift through large amounts of data and highlight convoluted but highly relevant relationships and patterns buried within the data.
A set of open standards, which, among other things, popularized RPCs.
Networked COM.
Digital Certificate
Electronic credential that vouches for a person s identity.
Digital Signature
The tamper-detection seal for digital certificates and other digital documents.
Lightweight binary message format for encapsulating multiple payloads in the context of SOAP.
Distinguished Name
Identifying information pertaining to a digital certificate holder.
A subnetwork containing all key enterprise servers, including Web, application, and portal servers, protected from both the internal network and the Internet via firewalls.
One of two popular APIs for reading XML documents, which parses an XML document and creates an object representation of that document in the form of a tree. The other XML API is SAX.
The original XML mechanism for describing the structure of an XML document; this is based on a 20-year-old modeling concept pioneered by SGML.
Nine-digit identification sequence that uniquely identifies a particular business.

Web Services[c] Theory and Practice
Web Services[c] Theory and Practice
ISBN: 1555582826
Year: 2006
Pages: 113

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