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This first module offers a basic introduction to what a computer is and what it can do for you.

  1. Information technology ( IT ) is the general term for all the hardware, software, and services associated with computer use.

  2. Computer hardware comprises all the physical parts of a computer: the central processing unit (CPU), the monitor, the keyboard, and so on.

  3. Computer software is the intangible instructions that tell computer hardware what to do.

  4. An input device allows you to send information to the computer. Some input devices are the mouse, the keyboard, a trackball , a scanner, and so on.

  5. An output device lets your computer communicate information back to you. Some output devices are the monitor, the screen, a printer, a plotter, a speaker, and so on.

  6. The following are storage devices: Diskette, Zip disk, Data cartridge, CD-ROM, Internal and external hard drives

  7. A computer network consists of many computers connected. The most common types are as follows :

    • Local Area Network (LAN) Connected computers are all onsite.

    • Wide Area Network (WAN) Connected computers are at more than one location.

    • Intranet A network that connects computers belonging to a single company; it might be a LAN or a WAN.

    • Extranet A network that connects a company with its business partners .

  8. The goal of information security is to protect the intangible information assets of your organization.

  9. Good security includes password-protected systems, frequent backups , virus-scanning software, and well- educated users.

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ICDL Exam Cram 2
ICDL Exam Cram 2
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