Chapter 1. Welcome to the ICDL

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Chapter 1. Welcome to the ICDL!

Terms you'll need to understand:

  • ECDL

  • ICDL

Techniques you'll need to master:

  • Understanding the reasons for taking the ICDL exams

Welcome to the International Computer Driving License Exam Cram 2! In this book, we review the essential skills that you need to pass the seven ICDL exam modules. The seven ICDL modules are

  • Concepts of Information Technology

  • Using the Computer and Managing Files

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Database

  • Presentation

  • Information and Communication

If you're studying for a particular module, you might like to turn straight to the chapter devoted to that module's skills. But be sure to come back and read this chapter later; this is where you get an overview of the entire program and its importance.

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