Chapter Summary

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The .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET include pervasive XML integration. One place where this integration comes into play is with DataSet schema files. A DataSet schema provides an XML representation of the metadata that defines the structure of a DataSet. Visual Studio .NET offers both text and graphical editing of these files.


  • Attribute

  • Ad hoc query

  • DataSet

  • DataSet Schema

  • Element

  • Identity

  • Key

  • MetaData

  • Nested Relationship

  • One-to-Many Relationship

  • OSQL

  • Parameter

  • Simple Type

  • SQL-92

  • SQL Query Analyzer

  • Stored procedure

  • Strongly Typed DataSet

  • Transact-SQL

In this chapter, you learned how to perform basic schema file operations. This includes creating schemas with elements and attributes, as well as using Server Explorer in conjunction with the XML Designer. You also saw how you could use the Designer to add keys and relationships to a DataSet schema. Finally, you learned how to use schemas to create and use strongly typed DataSets.

SQL Server is an important data source for .NET applications. To deal effectively with SQL Server data, you must have an understanding of the T-SQL language. In this chapter, you learned the basics of T-SQL, including the SELECT , INSERT , UPDATE , and DELETE statements. You also saw how to execute SQL in ad hoc queries and in stored procedures.

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