Installing PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition

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Using PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition

PrepLogic is designed to be user friendly and intuitive. Because the software has a smooth learning curve, your time is maximized because you start practicing with it almost immediately. PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition has two major modes of study: Practice Test and Flash Review.

Using Practice Test mode, you can develop your test-taking abilities as well as your knowledge through the use of the Show Answer option. While you are taking the test, you can expose the answers along with a detailed explanation of why the given answers are right or wrong. This gives you the ability to better understand the material presented.

Flash Review mode is designed to reinforce exam topics rather than quiz you. In this mode, you are shown a series of questions but no answer choices. Instead, you can click a button that reveals the correct answer to the question and a full explanation for that answer.

Starting a Practice Test Mode Session

Practice Test mode enables you to control the exam experience in ways that actual certification exams do not allow. To begin studying in Practice Test mode, click the Practice Test radio button on the main exam customization screen. This enables the following options:

  • The Enable Show Answer button ‚ Clicking this button activates the Show Answer button, which allows you to view the correct answer(s) and a full explanation for each question during the exam. When this option is not enabled, you must wait until after your exam has been graded to view the correct answer(s) and explanation.

  • The Enable Item Review button ‚ Clicking this button activates the Item Review button, which allows you to view your answer choices. This option also facilitates navigation between questions.

  • The Randomize Choices option ‚ You can randomize answer choices from one exam session to the next . This makes memorizing question choices more difficult, thereby keeping questions fresh and challenging longer.

To your left, you are presented with the option of selecting the preconfigured practice test or creating your own custom test. The preconfigured test has a fixed time limit and number of questions. custom tests allow you to configure the time limit and the number of questions in your exam.

The Preview Edition on this book's CD includes a single preconfigured practice test. You can get the compete set of challenging PrepLogic Practice Tests at to make certain you're ready for the big exam.

Click the Begin Exam button to begin your exam.

Starting a Flash Review Mode Session

Flash Review mode provides an easy way to reinforce topics covered in the practice questions. To begin studying in Flash Review mode, click the Flash Review radio button from the main exam customization screen. Select either the preconfigured practice test or create your own custom test.

Click the Best Exam button to begin your Flash Review mode session with the exam questions.

Standard PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition Options

The following list describes the function of each of the buttons you see:


Depending on the options, some of the buttons will be grayed out and inaccessible ‚ or they might be missing completely. Appropriate buttons are active.

  • Exhibit ‚ This button is visible if an exhibit is provided to support the question. An exhibit is an image that provides supplemental information necessary to answer the question.

  • Item Review ‚ This button leaves the question window and opens the Item Review screen. From this screen, you can see all questions, your answers, and your marked items. You can also see correct answers listed here, when appropriate.

  • Show Answer ‚ This option displays the correct answer, with an explanation of why it is correct. If you select this option, the current question is not scored.

  • Mark Item ‚ You can check this box to flag a question that you need to review further. You can view and navigate your marked items by clicking the Item Review button (if it is enabled). When grading your exam, you are notified if you have marked items remaining.

  • Previous Item ‚ You can use this option to view the previous question.

  • Next Item ‚ You can use this option to view the next question.

  • Grade Exam ‚ When you have completed your exam, you can click to end your exam and view your detailed score report. If you have unanswered or marked items remaining, you are asked if you would like to continue taking your exam or view the exam report.

Seeing Time Remaining

If the test is timed, the time remaining is displayed on the upper-right corner of the application screen. It counts down minutes and seconds remaining to complete the test. If you run out of time, you are asked if you want to continue taking the test or if you want to end your exam.

Getting Your Examination Score Report

The Examination Score Report screen appears when the Practice Test mode ends ‚ as a result of time expiration, completion of all questions, or your decision to terminate early.

This screen provides a graphical display of your test score, with a breakdown of scores by topic domain. The graphical display at the top of the screen compares your overall score with the PrepLogic Exam Competency Score. The PrepLogic Exam Competency Score reflects the level of subject competency required to pass the particular vendor's exam. Although this score does not directly translate to a passing score, consistently matching or exceeding this score suggests that you possess the knowledge needed to pass the actual vendor exam.

Reviewing Your Exam

From the Your Score Report screen, you can review the exam that you just completed by clicking on the View Items button. Navigate through the items, viewing the questions, your answers, the correct answers, and the explanations for those questions. You can return to your score report by clicking the View Items button.

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