The various versions of the Linux operating system, or distributions as they are known, have matured over the years , becoming simpler to install but continuing to offer a comprehensive set of components so that Linux is threatening more mainstream operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and UNIX. Linux is for everybody; its fast, stable, and free thanks to its open source status. In fact, suppliers such as Oracle are openly touting Linux as one of their preferred platforms for their products, including the latest version of their relational database, Oracle 10g. Red Hats distribution holds the title of most popular Linux distribution and the company provides other value-added services such as support contracts and training and certification programs. However, as a retail product, compromises had to be made to meet deadlines and customer demand. Red Hat redirected its efforts in creating a community-based project, and the Fedora distribution was born.

This book teaches you how to install, configure, and use the Fedora operating system and the components you have chosen . The basic goals of the book are as follows :

  • Provide an understanding of the Fedora operating system, its basic and optional components

  • Explain how to install and configure your Fedora installation to provide a well-configured and secure installation

  • Teach the reader how to set up a simple network using the Fedora operating system and its optional components, such as Web servers, mail servers, and so on

  • Introduce the reader to some of the more advanced system administrator concepts, including best practice guidelines

  • Demonstrate how the preceding points and an introduction to the Perl programming language can be applied to create a simple Web site

Beginning Fedora 2
Beginning Fedora 2
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