Installing HACMP software

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The installation of the HACMP software must be performed on all nodes within the HACMP Cluster (in our case, we have a two-node cluster).

  • The current version of HACMP in our environment is 4.5.

  • The location for the HACMP documentation (*.pdf) should reside under the volume group (twsvg) and be located in /opt/tws/tmp/docs. These Adobe *.pdf files will be delivered during the installation of HACMP and should be copied into the /opt/tws/tmp/docs so that they are easily located.

Patching the HACMP software

Patching the HACMP software is critical within the HACMP environment; it is advisable to patch the HACMP system twice a year.

Whenever the HACMP upgrade occurs, it must be performed to all nodes within the HACMP Cluster. You cannot have multiple nodes within the cluster out of code synchronization for an extended period of time (IBM will not support this configuration).

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