F.3 Web Pages

As would be expected in a book about web services, the majority of the research done for this project was on the Web itself. Many, but not all, are on the home page of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The links here aren't an exhaustive set; more information can always be found through judicious use of search engines. Web sites have been divided by the general subject area, though some sites might cover more than the listed topic.

F.3.1 General XML and XML Schema


The formal specification for the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml- names /

Defines the concepts and rules governing XML namespaces.


The work on XML Schema covers more than one specification. This page is the W3C group 's central point of information for the work on XML Schema. All parts of the current specification are linked from this site.


Part of the O'Reilly Network family of information servers. It hosts a range of writers and columnists who explore new and newsworthy topics regarding XML and its application to business interests and areas.


A news portal geared to the XML developer community. News items that impact either XML directly or developer tools with XML relevance (such as scripting languages) are gathered and sorted by general topic.


Another portal, sponsored by the OASIS group, an international nonprofit consortium that develops standards and specifications based on XML.



The primary home for XML-RPC. This page links to the formal specification and a directory of other related information. Included are pointers to all known implementations in various languages.


The home page for the SOAP::Lite Perl module, listed here because the XMLRPC::Lite module is a part of SOAP::Lite . Information on the progress of the software, as well as download links, can be found here.


The home page for the RPC::XML Perl module, one of the three implementations for Perl. The page links to downloads of the module and HTML versions of the manpages.

http://xmlrpc-epi. sourceforge .net/ specs /rfc.fault_codes.php

The effort to define an accepted standardization of error codes and messages for XML-RPC toolkit interoperability is maintained at this page.


The Meerkat Open Wire Service provides a XML-RPC interface to the searching and filtering capabilities it sports. This article details the interface for developers.


The mailing list that discusses all manner of XML-RPC issues, ranging from how-to questions to announcements of tools and developer toolkits. Hosted by the Yahoo! Groups mailing list manager.

F.3.3 SOAP


The SOAP specification Version 1.1.


The W3C primary page for web-services activities. Links from this pages lead to several topics besides SOAP, but the most recent activity on SOAP standards and protocols are announced here.


The SOAP 1.2 specification is divided into three parts: Part 0 is the primer, Part 1 covers the messaging framework, and Part 2 covers adjuncts (concrete descriptions of transport, serialization, and so forth).


The home page for the SOAP::Lite Perl module is also mentioned here because the focus is more on SOAP than XML-RPC.

There are considerable references and resources on the Web concerning SOAP. This list represents what is most relevant to the material covered in this book.

F.3.4 WSDL


The formal specification for WSDL 1.1. All the WSDL materials in this book are based on this version of WSDL.


As of this writing, these two documents are the working drafts for WSDL 1.2. The specification is broken into two parts: WSDL itself; a second part covers bindings (SOAP, HTTP, etc.).

WSDL support is also found in the SOAP::Lite toolkit.

F.3.5 UDDI


This site is the central headquarters for the development and specification of UDDI. Copies of the specification (both versions), XML Schema descriptions, and links to tools may be found here.

As with WSDL, the SOAP::Lite toolkit also offers some degree of support for UDDI.

F.3.6 REST


The original doctoral thesis by Roy Fielding, in which REST is defined and described.

http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/NOTE-uri- clarification -20010921/

The W3C organization's paper clarifying the distinctions between URN, URL, and URI. Though not directly related to REST, the fact that REST uses URIs makes this recommended reading.


Paul Prescod's article on the Web Resource Description Language, an alternative to WSDL that is popular in REST circles.

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