Web Services are an interesting new technology that is used to process XML documents and perform XML RPC techniques. Using Web Services makes it possible to build a more sophisticated distributed processing architecture that can cope with the old and the new techniques. This chapter is only the beginning; you are strongly urged to read more information about Web Services and what they offer.

Wow! You have almost made it to the end of this book. This means you have digested all of the software engineering principles and programming techniques presented. It also means that our discussion of Axis ends our discussion of programming.

On the CD The sources to the concepts presented in this chapter are located under the directories [CDROM]/jseng/src/, [CDROM]/jseng/src/, [CDROM]/jseng/src/com.devspace. jseng .ws.simple, and [CDROM]/jseng/src/com.devspace.jseng. To be able to run the programs the Tomcat server has to be installed ([CDROM]/ downloads/tomcat-4.1.24.tar.gz) , and the Axis toolkit ([CDROM]/downloads/axis-1.1.tar.gz) has to be added to the Tomcat installation as a Web Application. To make things simple with respect to the installation of Axis, the directory [CDROM]/axis represents a fully functional Web Application.

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