recursive state composition

relationship to State activity, 253

using, 255–256

red exclamation point (!), meaning of, 23, 28

reevaluation property of rule sets, explanation of, 223

/reference:file list> option in wcf.exe, description of, 48


See also hosts;

workflow designer hosting

capabilities of, 278

using, 293

ReloadTrackingProfiles method of Workflow-Instance class, description of, 100

RemoveService method

using with ExternalDataExchange service, 105

using with workflow runtime, 95

Replicator activity

Initialized event for, 385

using, 137

using activity rules with, 226–227

reporting feature in SharePoint, description of, 368

RequestEnrollmentStatus class code sample, 115–116

RequiredItemEventArgs instances, using with communication service, 122

Resume method of WorkflowInstance class, description of, 100

/rootnamespace:<string> option in wcf.exe, description of, 49

Rule Condition Editor, using, 236

rule definitions, storage of, 45

rule evaluation. See chaining options for rules

rule reevaluation option, explanation of, 235

Rule Set Editor

accessing, 44

using, 235–236

rule sets, 223–224

versus declarative rules, 223

properties of, 223

using with Policy activity, 228

RuleConditionDialog UI, using, 237

RuleConditionReference, specifying conditional expressions with, 226–227

RuleDefinitions object serialization code sample, 242–244

RuleInvoke chaining, using with rules, 232–233

RuleRead chaining, using with rules, 231


See also activity rules

advantage over code conditions, 227

class support for, 222

conceptualizing, 44

declarative rules, 223

defining, 224–226

evaluating with Policy activity, 137

programmatic example of, 241–245

referencing objects with, 225

relationship to code conditions, 222

relationship to CodeDom, 238–241

updating dynamically, 248–249

using, 247–248

in XML, 245–247

rules API, features of, 241

rules editor, creating, 245

rules language

arithmetic operators used in, 225

expression joiners used in, 226

expressions used in, 225

rules UI

embedding in custom applications, 237–238

features of, 235

rules XML file for FreeShipping rule, 45–46

RuleSetDialog class code sample, 238

RuleWrite chaining, using with rules, 231–232

runtime classes, enabling in host applications, 94

runtime engine, relationship to hosting, 39

runtime events, handling, 96–98

runtime services.

See also workflow runtime

ACID transactions, 41

custom services, 44

data exchange service, 189

developing, 203

developing for event activity, 213–214

developing persistence services, 191–197

developing scheduling services, 190

developing tracking services, 198–202

developing work batch services, 190

developing workflow loader services, 202

listing, 95

long-running transactions, 42

managing, 94–95

obtaining references to, 95

persistence services, 42

removing, 95

scheduling services, 43–44, 164–166

tracking services, 42–43

transaction services, 41

work batch services, 166–167

workflow loader service, 189

Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
Professional Windows Workflow Foundation
ISBN: 0470053860
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 118
Authors: Todd Kitta

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