Business objects represent the real-world operations and rules your application must support. Business objects control the sequencing and enforcement of business rules, as well as the transactional integrity of the operations they perform. They are the gatekeepers that control access to your data. Each business object method should perform one unit of work, and each unit of work should be implemented in exactly one place. Higher-level operations are composed from other business and data objects.

MTS provides many services to help you write business objects that work well in a distributed, multiuser environment. The object context can be used to compose the work of multiple objects into a single transaction. Role-based security and the ISecurityProperty interface can help you restrict access to components and log audit information about calls to the components. The object context, the IObjectControl interface, and the SPM can be used to manage object and application state efficiently and safely in a multiuser environment.

Designing Component-Based Applications
Designing Component-Based Applications
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