Using Your Personal Address Book

As is the case with your Mail database, the contents of the Personal Address Book are controlled completely by you. You are the Manager (see Appendix A, "Understanding Security and Access Rights," for a complete explanation of security and access rights) of this database. You're the only one who can read, modify, or delete contact entries. You don't need to add your fellow employees because everyone in your company is already in the Domino Directory, so avoid duplicating entries that might already be found there. If you are a remote or mobile user, your system administrator might have installed a mobile directly catalog on your workstation so you have access to all entries in the Domino Directory. If not, remote users should add people from the Public Address Book to their Personal Address Book because they may need to access the Domino Directory when they're not connected to the Domino server. For more information on remote users, see Chapter 17, "Using Notes Remotely."

After you click the Address Book bookmark, the Personal Address Book Navigation pane displays the following views:

  • Contacts Displays the people in your Address Book alphabetically. (If you are new to Lotus Notes Mail, your Address Book is probably empty.)

  • Contacts By Category The same people that are listed in your Contacts view, but now they are sorted by categories that you create. (If you are new to Notes Mail, you don't yet have categories created.)

  • Groups Lists the groups of people you created as mailing distribution lists.

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries Lists the dates of birthdays and anniversaries of contacts. Of course, if you don't include a birthday or anniversary date of a contact in his contact information, it won't show in this view. Don't confuse this with anniversary dates you create in your calendar.

  • Advanced The Advanced views are ones which you would not need to access or make changes to unless directed to do so by your system administrator.

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