Starting PowerPoint



Click the Start button.


Click All Programs .


Click Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office PowerPoint .


The PowerPoint program window opens and a taskbar button for the program appears on the Windows taskbar.


PowerPoint 2003 is a powerful presentation program you can use to create slide presentations and other visual documents. Whether you are giving a business presentation, a lecture, or book report, you can use PowerPoint to communicate important information visually. You can start PowerPoint using the Windows Start menu.


Another Way to Start PowerPoint

If your Windows desktop includes a PowerPoint shortcut icon, you can use it to start the program. Simply double-click the icon to open the program.


Start Menu Shortcut

Windows XP keeps track of recently used programs and lists them at the top of the Start menu. If you recently opened PowerPoint, you can click the program name from the Start menu to quickly access the program.

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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