The Contents of the CD

The following sections provide a summary of the software and other materials you’ll find on the CD.

Author-created materials

All source code examples used throughout this book will automatically install themselves when you run the XMLSPY 5 installer. You can access them via the default project when you first start XMLSPY 5. Chapter 2 explains how to use the XMLSPY Project view in detail. As an additional convenience, all author-created material from the book, including code listings and samples, are also located on the CD in the folder named Author.


The following sections describe the applications available on the CD-ROM.

Acrobat Reader

From Adobe Systems, Inc. Freeware product for Microsoft Windows. Adobe Acrobat Reader is an application for reading Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF has become a standard electronic format for representing any document. PDF helps ensure that a document prints out in the same way that it is displayed on the screen. For more information, check out

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v1.4 for windows

From Sun Microsystems, Inc. Commercial product for Microsoft Windows. The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition is both a set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for writing Java Programs and a Java Runtime Environment (a virtual operating system) that enables you to execute Java applications on the Windows Operating System. For more information, check out

Apache Axis

From Apache Software Foundation. Open-source software utility written in Java and supported on all platforms. AXIS is a Java framework for constructing SOAP processors including clients, servers, gateways, and so on. AXIS, formerly IBM’s SOAP4J, includes a SOAP server that can operate as a standalone or in conjunction with a Java Servlet Engine, such as Apache Tomcat. It also has utilities for working with Web Service Description Language (WSDL) files, including a tool that generates Java classes from WSDL. For more information, check out

Apache FOP

From Apache Software Foundation. Open-source software utility written in Java and supported on all platforms. FOP stands for Formatting Objects Processor. It is a Java-based print formatter for XSL formatting objects that can be used to render an XML file containing XSL formatting objects (XSL:FO) into a page layout. Apache FOP is most commonly used for XML-to-PDF transformations and can be invoked from within the XMLSPY editing environment. For more information, check out


From Microsoft Corporation. Commercial product for Microsoft Windows. SQLXML enables XML support for your SQL Server 2000 Database. It allows developers to create XML views of relational data so that you can work with the data as if it were an XML file. For more information, check out .

XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition

From Altova, Inc. Exclusive 90-day trial version for Microsoft Windows. XMLSPY is an XML development environment with graphical utilities for editing, validating, and debugging any XML document, including XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, DTDs, WSDL, and many others. For more information, check out


Shareware programs are fully functional, trial versions of copyrighted programs. If you like particular programs, register with their authors for a nominal fee and receive licenses, enhanced versions, and technical support. Freeware programs are copyrighted games, applications, and utilities that are free for personal use. Unlike shareware, these programs do not require a fee or provide technical support. GNU software is governed by its own license, which is included inside the folder of the GNU product. See the GNU license for more details.

Trial, demo, or evaluation versions are usually limited either by time or functionality (such as being unable to save projects). Some trial versions are very sensitive to system date changes. If you alter your computer’s date, programs may “time out” and no longer be functional.

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