XMLSPY Technical Resources

Altova has numerous developer resources available to further advance your XML development skills and offer additional information about XMLSPY and related technologies. The following is a listing of the most important XMLSPY technical resources.

Altova Developer Connection

The Altova Developer Connection is a monthly newsletter for the XMLSPY developer community to keep you up-to-date with the latest Altova product updates, new technology integrations, events calendar (tradeshows and Webinars), new tutorials, feature demonstration videos, press releases, and much more. To sign up for the newsletter, fill out the subscription form located at the bottom of Altova’s main page at www.altova.com.

Altova Developer Forum

A message board that enables you to post questions about XMLSPY and related topics. Monitored by XMLSPY support and engineering staff. For more information, visit www.altova.com/forum/forums/index.asp.

XMLSPY white papers

Altova publishes roughly one white paper per quarter. These papers focus on different aspects of XML technologies and how they are being applied to solve industry-computing problems. In addition, Altova releases partner white papers, which cover various technology-integration scenarios. Several white papers are available for free download in PDF format at www.altova.com/resources_wp.html.

XMLSPY training

Although hundreds of universities and technology education companies make use of XMLSPY to teach XML technologies, at the time of this writing there are only two companies that offer courses entirely dedicated to covering the use of XMLSPY. Check the Altova Web site for additional training courses because another dozen training companies are expected to offer XMLSPY training courses in 2003. The following list describes the currently available training courses:

WestLake Internet Training: A leading IT education company with offices in Arlington, VA; Frederick, MD; Iselin, New Jersey; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Southfield (Detroit), Michigan; and Washington, DC. On-site training is also available for companies. WestLake offers a two-day course entitled “Introduction to XMLSPY.” For more information visit www.westlake.com/courses/285XMLSPY.html .

The Richard Hale Shaw Group: A professional software developer’s resource for training and mentoring located near Ann Arbor, Michigan, it offers training in Microsoft .NET, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Studio .NET, .NET Web services, UML, and Java Web services. The company offers a five-day XMLSPY Boot Camp roughly once per quarter, and on-site training is available. For more information visit www.xmlspybootcamp.com.

XMLSPY support

The best place to look if you have a question about XMLSPY is the FAQ site maintained by XMLSPY support engineers at www.altova.com/support_faq_ide.html. To make accessing the FAQ easier, questions and answers have been grouped into categories according to features. Altova’s Web page also includes a copy of the online manual, and the entire site is searchable through a search utility located at the top-right side of every page. A fully searchable online help manual is also accessible inside the XMLSPY environment by selecting Help ’ Table Of Contents. Finally, a Web-based support form can be accessed at www.altova.com/support.

The XMLSPY Handbook
The Official XMLSPY Handbook
ISBN: 764549642
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2001
Pages: 121
Authors: Larry Kim

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