Tips and Strategies

The XMLSPY Handbook covers all the topics covered in the Altova XMLSPY—XML Developer Certification examination, so be sure to go over the examples presented in this book. Remember that the examination is only one hour in duration, and that there are exactly 60 questions; therefore, it is advisable not to spend too much time pondering a particular question. I wrote or reviewed all the questions on the examination, and some are a bit tricky or less obvious.

Understanding the material presented in XMLSPY Handbook is a great way to study for the XML Developer Certification exam, but it’s not the only resource available. I highly recommend checking out some of the additional resources listed in Appendixes A and B. Additionally, an online testing application with sample questions has been developed by the folks at, a leading (and free) XML resource on the Web. XML standards are always evolving. See the appendixes for some great recommendations on how to stay current in this fast-paced technology area.

One final note: The test is administered by computer (no need to bring pencils or paper to the examination). If you’ve never taken a computer-administered test before, be sure to listen carefully to the instructions and, if you have any questions, ask the test administrator.

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