Pat Jefferies is a principal lecturer and teacher Fellow within the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering, De Montfort University, England. Administratively, her role is as director of Undergraduate Studies but for the past four years she has, as part of her teaching, been involved in the development of the Computing & Ethics module for delivery to final year undergraduates. The formal undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications that she has gained are in the field of Education (specializing in Philosophy of Education) and Computing. Jefferies is currently studying for a PhD in technology-mediated interaction and its impact on higher education. She has been successful in publishing several international conference and journal papers based on this research work.

Simon Rogerson is director of the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility and professor in Computer Ethics at De Montfort University, England. Following a successful industrial career where he held managerial posts in the computer field, he now combines research, lecturing and consultancy in the management, organizational and ethical aspects of information and communication technologies. He has published more than 200 papers and books including Ethical Aspects of Information Technology: Issues for Senior Executives, Strategic Management Support Systems and Global Information Ethics. He was the winner of the 1999 IFIP Namur Award for outstanding contribution to the creation of awareness of the social implications of information technology.

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