Chapter 24: Using Asynchronous Computer Conferencing to Support the Teaching of Computing and Ethics

Pat Jefferies, De Montfort University


Simon Rogerson, De Montfort University



Currently, there is tremendous impetus for using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. Such impetus may be perceived to be being driven by both the "technological pull" and "political push" currently prevalent in initiatives to support lifelong learning. As such, students and tutors may access vast information resources, may communicate with experts in many fields, and may work collaboratively with others regardless of time or place. The challenge for educators is, it seems, not only to be aware of the appropriate use of the new technologies but also to facilitate awareness among their students of the ethical and legal issues related to their use. As such, many higher education (HE) institutions are now introducing computer ethics (CE) modules into the curriculum within certain relevant departments. This case study explores some of the techniques that were employed in seeking to deliver such a module in a pedagogically sound and ethically aware manner.

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