Chapter 2. Designing Flash Applications

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You probably already have some ideas for the rich Internet applications you plan to build. (Even if you don't, you'll get lots of ideas throughout this book.) Obviously, a lot steps are required between an idea and a finished app. Many people have great ideas, but only some can turn those into reality. For example, it's not surprising when someone says, "Oh, that invention! I thought of that years ago." Well, it's the person who goes and does it who succeeds. In any event, this book may not turn you into a go-getter, but it should definitely help map the way to your destination. And this chapter in particular will help you clarify your goal and confirm that it's valid, attainable, and has a high likelihood of success.

The guidelines and considerations you find in this chapter should be addressed at the start of designing any rich media application. This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Learn to identify and evaluate the benefits you expect your app will provide.

  • Learn to select the right tool for the job.

  • Address all kinds of fundamental usability issues, including accessibility by people with various disabilities .

  • Consider different deployment alternatives, including targeting so-called occasionally connected computers (OCCs) with Macromedia Central.

It's not so much that this chapter answers the question "do I really have a good idea?" (although it can). Instead, it answers "what can I do to ensure success?"

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