List of Tables

Chapter 2: Memory and Data Types

Table 2-1: Binary Equivalents of the Numbers 1 Through 5 in Decimal
Table 2-2: Whole Number Data Types, Sizes, and Ranges
Table 2-3: Floating-point Number Data Types, Sizes, and Ranges
Table 2-4: Scientific and E Notation Representations of Floating Point Values
Table 2-5: ASCII Values of Commonly Used Characters
Table 2-6: Common Escape Sequences

Chapter 4: Arithmetic Operators

Table 4-1: Arithmetic Operators
Table 4-2: Combining Arithmetic and Assignment Operators
Table 4-3: Precedence of Arithmetic Operators
Table 4-4: Precedence in Action
Table 4-5: Associativity of Arithmetic Operators

Chapter 5: Making Decisions: if and switch Statements

Table 5-1: Relational Operators
Table 5-2: Relational Expressions and Their Values
Table 5-3: Precedence of Relational Operators
Table 5-4: Selected ANSI/ASCII Values

Chapter 6: Nested if Statements and Logical Operators

Table 6-1: Logical Operators
Table 6-2: The Logical And Operator
Table 6-3: The Logical Or Operator
Table 6-4: The Logical Not Operator
Table 6-5: The Precedence of Logical and Relational Operators

Chapter 12: Character, C-String, and C++ String Class Functions

Table 12-1: Functions that Check the Value of Characters
Table 12-2: Results of String Comparisons

Chapter 13: Persistent Data: File Input and Output

Table 13-1: File Mode Flags

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